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Alice Wedding Garden opening ceremony

Alice Park covers an area of 350 acres, including the wedding District, parent-child area, recreational camping area, is a set of wedding photography, wedding culture, parent-child interaction, sports and leisure, training in one of the scenic spots, beautiful scenery, fresh air, to subvert the traditional mode of background cloth photography, wedding photography to achieve the perfect combination of internal and external scenes......

17-10-20Alice manor was invited to the Ministry of culture boutique

Matchmaking site newspaper news (correspondent Deng Jinling text / chart) in June 30th, the Ministry of culture will promote the cultural industry service plat.....


17-10-20When summer comes, love is deep! Into the sunflower field, j

The couple in the flower field smile (Alice Alice manor manor for map) wedding photography base interior (Alice manor for map).....


17-10-20Gen 4A and Alice manor in progress? Let's go and have a look

Alice manor located dam community street Qianjiang District Feng Jia, Pengjiang is the core area of a river on both sides of leisure agriculture and rural tour.....

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Sightseeing in scenic spots

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Alice Park covers an area of 350 acres
Subversion of the traditional background cloth photography model, realize the perfect combination of wedding photography inside and outside scenes


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